27 April 2010

A Hung Parliament Is What People Want: Coalitions Are Not Indecisive.

David Cameron and Rupert Murdoch can fuck right off. Cameron pretends to be running a positive campaign while with a typically slimy and clever piece of spin smears Labour for allegedly being negative with its perfectly justifiable leaflets pointing out that the Tories give no guarantees on cancer funding, winter fuel payments, bus passes, minimum wage increases etc, etc, in their manifesto (overtones of the Tory media's Jennifer's Ear bullshit if anyone remembers that from 1992). At the same time George Osbourne is 'co-ordinating' the Tory press smear campaign against Clegg which has thankfully fantastically backfired.

The Tories and their establishment friends in the media and business are running scared and are now trying to bully us not to vote for a 'hung parliament' by suggesting their friends in the city just won't wear it - this reminds me of the woman in the Ritz who famously remarked on Labour being elected in 1945 - 'They've gawn an elected a Labour government, the country won't stand for it'! The people are not so easily bullied this time. Why should anyone believe Cameron and co when they squeal 'it's just not fair, it was OUR TURN'. People don't just want any alternative, they want real change - something that is different AND better.

Rather than being indecisive - a coalition might be very decisive indeed - giving people a real say on how their MPs are elected by offering a referendum on the electoral system. The Tories would never do a deal on this (ironically if the Lib Dems get 90-100 seats this time, if may be impossible for first-past-the-post to deliver a majority to any party for the foreseeable future - Lib Dems are very good at defending seats once they win them and they would be in even more close second places to win more seats), but Labour minus Brown in coalition with Clegg would. This single change would do more to get our parliament passing laws people want rather than dithering. We have one of the slowest parliaments in the world for making laws. As the Independent recently pointed out the 12 best countries for controlling the deficit and maintaining decent public services are all run by coalitions. Including Germany, probably one of the most prudent of countries when it comes to finances and they also have one of the most successful economies. Coincidence?

Does Cameron really think that the Tories deserve to govern alone on a pathetic 33% of the vote? Cameron claims our present system allows voters to 'throw out unpopular governments'. Then why could Gordon Brown come third in the vote but have the most seats?

Electoral Reform has become THE issue of the campaign because people have got to hear that the party in first place will only get half the seats of a party coming third. This is so absurd and indefensible that only the insane could believe the Tory line that everything is ok and doesn't need changing.

The Tory vote is still dropping despite the Tory press doing their worst (or maybe because of it). People are sussing out this country's press is neither free nor fair. When four men own 80% of our national press (and most local press too) and are insisting (in fact screaming) that we vote for their man - that is not a definition of a free press that most recognise. People are realising we are little different from the old Soviet Union when it comes to our press. Why should people let this carry on? A win in terms of votes for Clegg (though sadly not seats) will kill this establishment stone dead. Can't wait for the election.

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  1. I completely agree. One very encouraging thing about this election is that the gutter press seems to be losing some of its power to influence opinion.