23 December 2009

Ayas Fallon Khan

‘’In July of this year, at the time of the Goldsmid by-election in Brighton & Hove, I made what I now discover to be completely unfounded and erroneous comments on my blog causing aspersions on the impeccable reputation and record of the Deputy Leader of the Council, Councillor Ayas Fallon-Khan.

I have since apologised unreservedly for any distress my comments may have caused Councillor Fallon-Khan and I have withdrawn the comments and have assured Councillor Fallon-Khan they will never be repeated by me.

Councillor Fallon-Khan is a very committed and proactive public servant, who has given up his entire career to help the city through the recession and ensure it is one of the finest in the world to live and work.

I have since discovered he is determined to change the culture of the organisation in to an entirely customer-focused one, has a great record on Sustainability and Value for Money and has been instrumental in securing 4* status out of 4 from the Audit Commission.

I have also made a financial contribution as damages which Councillor Fallon-Khan will be giving to charity.’’

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  1. Sir Neil of Hardalot, you haven't been blogging much lately. But nice to see you're still alive etc etc.