12 August 2009

Worth The Licence Fee On Its Own

Gone are the days of trying to second guess the graveyard scheduling of ITV to watch or set the video for your team's game in the football league, or be disappointed as they scrap highlights at the last minute or show a pepsi ad and miss the winning goal. Gone are the days of sitting through endless adverts.

Yes, the BBC have bought the rights - we now have 2 HOURS AND 40 MINS of football on Saturday night on BBC1 covering all four divisions, premier league and football league. Then a further ten live games of football league and 60 mins on Sunday of more Premier league highlights.

But best of all, the BBC have put all the football league on the iplayer and you can even easily find the highlights for your particular club - brilliant.

Sport coverage and politics on five live and radio 4 are enough to fork out £11 a month as far as I am concerned, but all this and BBC1,2,3 & 4 and BBC News and childrens TV as well. Funding for film and culture, numerous radio stations all FOR LESS THAN THE PRICE OF A DAILY NEWSPAPER.

And people moan about the BBC. They must be mad, it is extravagantly good value for money. Pay five times more for SKY and a load of imports and adverts if you want, but don't wreck the BBC.

1 comment:

  1. Hear, hear and thrice hear.

    Easily the best value item I buy - along with my dirt cheap National Health insurance. Ample evidence that Markets aren't always the most efficient providers.

    Which is why the right is always so desperate to discredit such obvious refutations of their simplistic creed.