10 August 2009

Phillip Blond

So this is the new face of 'progressive Conservatism' - Phillip Blond. He started his interview in the Daily Mail with the following:-

"Gay couples should not be able to adopt" and "abortion should be made illegal".

I don't think most progressives would recognise these policies as progress. Not a surprise to also hear that Blond is an evangelical 'born again' Christian. I don't know about born again, but they must think we were born yesterday to believe this guy is a progressive!

So where is the 'red' in this guys self proclaimed 'red' Toryism?

Well apparently he 'cares for the lot of poor people' and once was 'poor' himself. Whoopee doo! But what actual policies do he propose?

Well as this blog argues, there is little more than just regurgitated window dressed old Tory policies in Blond's bold talk. Effectively he just argues for cutting taxes for those who already have money. In short, nothing progressive at all, in fact the opposite in some cases.

So what is the point of Phillip Blond? Why have the Tories enthusiastically embraced him?

Well, apparently, unlike Blair and his mentor Anthony Giddens, Cameron lacked the intellectual bullshit... er sorry - ballast, to guide his non-existent philosophy.

Just like Blair before him offered bastardised Labour-Thatcherism, Cameron is likely to offer a bog standard version of Tory-Thatcherism. No main party seems willing to accept that private-debt and unregulated banking led us into this recession. For that reason expect a lot more bust than boom from Cameron and his friends, no matter where they got their MA.

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  1. This is exactly what British politics needs. Another religiously deluded mentalist!

    FFS, we settled the abortion debate forty years ago.

    Why is there this fixation with American style politics? What can we possibly gain from introducing one more fuckwit into Parliament?