06 August 2009

Only The Tories Can Afford Primaries

Welcome to the vapid future, welcome to Totnes. At £40,000 a constituency we are looking at many millions of extra funding for these vanity contests.

It is alright for the Mail and Times to say the taxpayer should fund it, but when it comes to real public services these fascist rags are aghast.

No. Primaries are a waste of money, and as shown in the US, they soon have a habit of just electing those with the biggest wallets.

The shortlist of Tories that was sent out in Totnes may have elicited a sizeable response in a constituency that has had a Tory MP for 200 of the last 201 years (for only one year a Liberal got elected in 1923!). Of course these Tory voters want a say, but it would be an expensive flop in say Riverside in Liverpool where only a quarter can be bothered to vote in a general election.

Also when are the Tories going to actually reveal the results rather than just a picture of the media friendly candidate that won. This is all just another yarn from the masterful Tory spin machine.

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