27 July 2009

Nick Griffin Writes In The News Of The World.

There surely can be no other explanation for this article by Carole Malone in the NOTW - surely her name is just a psedonym for Nick Griffin?;

"All you have to do to get everything Britain has to offer is to turn up illegally with some sob story of how your own country is too dangerous or that you're a lesbian who'll be shot if you stay there and Hey Presto, it's like you've won the lottery! And, in effect, they HAVE.

Free houses, free cars, free healthcare and free money. Hell, they don't even have to work or speak the language. Even the suggestion they should is seen as racist in Brown's Britain.

They can just live as they did before, only with a whole heap more money and zero responsibility to the country providing it.

Meanwhile, all those British people who've paid their taxes and worked hard get shoved to the back of the housing queue, the health queue, the jobs queue.

And no matter how loud they shout about the unfairness of it all - no-one in this government is listening.

So, nothing racist, sexist or homophobic there then?

Here is your answer as to how the BNP can get a million votes - the press are effectively BNP party leaflets.

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