05 June 2009

Tory 'Ghost' Councillor Resigns: 3.5% Swing Needed By Greens To Take Seat.

It seems there is to be a byelection in my ward. There has been pressure on Brighton and Hove Tories for some time to sort out the mess of Goldsmid ward Tory councillor Paul Lainchbury. He has claimed 22,000 pounds of taxpayers money but never actually attended any council business or meetings. The Tories have resisted a resignation to keep their majority on the council.

Obviously, with Labour in meltdown the Tories are thinking thet have a chance to get someone elected while Labour is down.

With both Labour (nationally) and Tories (locally) in trouble, is there a chance for the Greens?

More to come on this. #update# mblogging at mo so bear with me.

2007 Results as follows;

Paul Lainchbury CON 1330 votes - 28%
Mel Davies LAB 1231 - 26%
Rob Jarrett GRN 1010 - 21%
Bob Bailey LDEM 720 - 15%
Anne Giebeler B&H IND 314 - 7%
Gemma Furness IND 134 - 3%

So a relatively small 3.5% swing needed by the Greens. Byelections tend to have lower turnout and the Greens are good at getting their vote out, so I expect them to have a good chance.

With the Tories on 26 seats plus 1 Independent, and all others on 27, council control is at stake. The Greens could match Labour on 13 seats if they win this and Labour could lose its status as official opposition. Lots to play for here. Will work at swing needed for Greens when get chance.

If UKIP stand should make it a formality for the Greens.

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