15 June 2009

The Tories Are Getting Away With Their Expenses Scandal.

Do the Tories really deserve to be on 40% of the vote and heading for a landslide victory?

They are at least as guilty as Labour in the expenses scandal and probably more so. Servant's quarters, duck islands, indian rugs, and cleaning moats are some of the TORY claims. For every Alistair Darling flipping homes there is a George Osborne.

Labour are at 24% in the polls and deserve to be, but why are the Tories not down there with them?

The Lib Dems should be doing better, but having an 'invisible man' as leader isn't helping them.

Those tempted to just sit on their hands in protest at the expenses scandal are just playing into the political hands of these scoundrels. To really punish them VOTE FOR SOMEONE ELSE - the Greens are untarnished, the Lib Dems have not made any outrageous claims.

But above all else, you Tory supporters have got to take a long hard look at yourselves. Are you really angry about MP's expenses, or is it all bluff?

They say that it is sex scandals that hurt the Tories more and financial scandals that hurt Labour. The logic being we all expect the Tories to be rich bastards milking the system. Is that why the Tories are getting away with it? Is that why Tory voters can happily keep voting Tory despite knowing their MPs are crooks? Someone please explain to me why the Tories are getting away with this?


  1. I do not think you are being entirely fair to the Conservative supporters, Neil. The Labour Party are getting a good Royal kicking at the polls because their supporters expect better from their elected representatives. They expect their MPs to live blameless lives. When they fall below that standard the Labour voter feels let down.

    The Tories on the other hand, are the Party of greed, selfishness, naked self-interest, privilege, tax evasion and the gaudy use of wealth. Your average Tory knows he was voting for a selfish, greedy bastard when they voted for him in the first place. It comes as no surprise to your average Tory that one of ‘their own’ had the same principles they have. Your average Tory would vote a pigs bladder on a stick as long as it wore a blue rosette.

    The Tories, by and large, approve of this swindle among their own.

    Look at your average Tory in rural communities. For years your Tory candidate has advocated the removal of tax payers money from ‘failing industries’, yet when was the last time you heard a Tory demand the removal of tax payers’ funds from farming? Next time you hear about ‘benefits culture’ remember who the biggest ‘subsidy junkies’ in the Nation are. Is it any wonder that constituencies that rely almost entirely on State handouts (in one form or another) vote for someone who expects his hedges cut by the tax payer?

    Vote Tory and don’t be surprised to see a Tory elected.

  2. jimbo, sadly i think you are right. Tory voters don't seem to mind if their MPs are crooks. I was hoping Tory voters might abandon their party as Labour voters have. Otherwise we will just replace one load of crooks with another.

  3. WTF?

    Neil, your party is down at 24% because they have bollocksed up the country and, like the Tories in '97, everyone is sick to fucking death of them.

    The Tories are on 40% because they are not Labour and people will vote for them on the Barbary Ape principle, i.e. "I would vote for a Barbary Ape to get the current bunch of bastards out."

    All the while, support for small parties is growing because they are not incolved in the expenses scandals.

    But, ultimately, it is not that we don't mind that MPs are crooks — it's just that we have always thought that they were crooks and the expenses scandal merely confirmed that.

    Anyway, tell me, Neil: do you care that your MPs are crooks? Because I bet you'd still vote for them...


  4. DK: I do care and will not be voting for Celia Barlow - who is my current Labour MP in Hove.

  5. Hold the press Neil, we actually agree on something! DC got away with his own scamming because he is the darling of the media right now.