03 June 2009

Pathetic Playground Bullies.

Nothing could exemplify more the poor quality and unrepresentative nature of our 'elected' representatives than the behaviour of councillor Bob Piper (His site is just a bitchfest, sadly just like Guido or Dale who link to him).

He continually gets basic facts wrong. He even lies about how many votes he got, so how can we trust anything else he says?

He doesn't engage in any meaningful debate and just descends into juvenile insults if you disagree with him.

He portrays himself as 'man of the people' and a true democrat but threatens to ban people from his site when they point out some uncomfortable truths.

He says he is so wealthy he doesn't need his circa 20,000 a year allowance from the taxpayer, but he still claims it anyway - other councillors do not take this amount.

I wonder what part-time job puts you in the 40% tax bracket? He says he pays tax on his allowance, do we believe him?

And this is the trouble. The Labour party was not founded to be taken over by the professional classes. The Labour party should give a voice to the ordinary voter on an ordinary salary. Instead the small middle class cliques than run it always choose wealthy nobs like Bob Piper for its safe seats.

Bob is not representative of the area he supposedly represents and he is only accountable to a few party bods, 'man of the people' - what a laugh.

Until we get rid of this sick system we will continue to have crap professional arrogant rude autocratic bullies like Bob Piper and Gordon Brown in power. Who both no doubt bullied and manouvred themselves into position in the party and can continue to ignore their constituents wishes and treat people with contempt. Bob, you know how to make friends with your professional mates in the party, but not us ordinary people.

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