04 June 2009

Open Warfare In The Labour Party As Purnell Kicks Off Blairite Coup.

In the end it didn't really matter who plunged the knife, as long as someone did. Purnell is a tax fiddling creep - one of the most despised Tories in the Labour party (well, ok, it was between him and Hazel Blears). But now I can feel in my water that this time this coup seems different, it seems real. I am finally confident that Brown is on his way. He lost the lefties before he even started, but without the Blairites and with the results from the election to come - Brown has little left to cling on to.

This is a great day for the Labour party, it is like a weight has been lifted from its shoulders. I really hope this is not another false dawn. Surely this is the real thing. A leadership election awaits and maybe those monthly subs are going to give us something back - a choice of Prime Minister and better than that, the end of Stalinist Labour.

*Just watching This Week at the moment and Diane Abbott is talking out of her arse yet again - saying that the left will unite behind Brown because of this Blairite coup. NO chance.

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