08 June 2009

Labour on 14%, Greens Within 5,000 Votes Of Stopping BNP In North West.

Both the Greens and UKIP were within a few thousand votes of stopping Nick Griffin's election in the North West.

Greens come so close to getting MEPs in the Eastern region, the North West and nearly got an extra MEP in the South East.

The BNP got less votes but more seats as their vote was more concentrated. Those who stopped at home have delivered two BNP MEPs for the North West and Yorkshire & Humberside. Turnout is around 35%, so little different to 2005 but if a little more people had voted, the BNP would have failed. Very sad.

Labour got 15% nationally coming behind UKIP and possibly the LIB DEMS, lost to the Tories in Wales, just EIGHT per cent of the vote in the South East (albeit holding on to their one MEP here as I predicted) and came SIXTH behind the Cornish nationalists in Cornwall.

So far the national shares look around CON 29%, UKIP 17%, LAB 14%, LDEM 14%, GRN 9%, BNP 6%, OTH 10%, with Scotland result still to come.

Labour are no more than a fringe party in the South East - these are the worst results for Labour since the party was founded.

If this is not enough to remove Gordon Brown, you have to ask, what is?


  1. "Those who stopped at home have delivered two BNP MEPs for the North West and Yorkshire & Humberside."

    How do you know that? Maybe they stayed at home because the only option to them was the BNP and they couldn't bring themselves to put the cross? maybe under your system of bribing/rewarding people to vote more would have voted BNP as a protest?

    Be careful what you wish for.

  2. TT, We know that BNP voters were more likely to turn out. Labour supporters were more likely to sit on their hands. If just 5000 had voted Green instead, the BNP would have no MEPs.