28 June 2009

If Only They Cleared Up Their Mess.

A few weeks ago I noticed some caravans had moved onto a piece of ground by Falmer campus bordering on Stanmer Park. They have now gone - but kindly they have left their rubbish strewn everywhere. One wonders if they feel any guilt about this. They don't do themselves any favours. If you want sympathy from society, pay your taxes and clear up your mess when you leave. After all, if they can afford £30,000 caravans and 4x4s etc, they can afford to show some consideration for others.


  1. Neil, I agree with you on this. This is one of my bug-bears regarding the Left and the plight of 'Travellers'. Some of the things said by the Right Wing press are little short of sick, but 'travellers' really need to clean up their act and their pitches too.

    I do have sympathy for their plight at times but they really need to start helping us by meeting us halfway at times. These type of pictures and other evidence of anti social behaviour does nothing to help their justifiable causes. I believe that our, and traveller advocates silence does no favours to this community.

    Often, problems in society occur when the majority are ignorant of minority cultures. On this occasion, however, the minority must be educated in order that they can understand the justifiable concerns of the communities that are forced to clean up these kinds of mess. That lack of respect is bringing considerable prejudice against these communities.

  2. jimbo, i think prejudice against travellers existed anyway, but i want to have sympathy for them. Maybe most clear up their mess, but this lot didn't. Anyone who saw this mess, cannot help but be angry at those who can be so antisocial.

  3. No doubt you are correct regarding prejudice in that exists already. We have all seen and heard comments to that effect.

    I just wish that some people would ask themselves, if some of the behaviour they display contributes to the stereotypes.

    However much my sympathy extends, I will never condone actions that I would not tolerate from any other part of the community.

  4. It cost us £500 to clear up the mess last time we got a visit (it wasn't just rubbish but spoiled nappies and other effluence that needed professional treatment. Then another £500 to erect posts and gates so they couldn't get back. There was also damage to our community centre that we had to repair ourselves.

    That is £1000 we didn't spend on the community.

    I know that it is always the bad ones that get the press but has anyone come across any cases when this didn't happen? I agree, they deserve to be left to get on with their own lives, but they really aren't helping themselves.

    I should also note that my neighbours to the rear, who live next to the playing field, are settled gypsies and they too were disgusted and helped with the costs.