25 June 2009

Gordon Brown Dithers From One Crisis To Next.

How long can Labour MPs keep their faith in this idiot? It seems every day there is a new scandal and u-turn. The Labour party is facing obliteration if we stick with Gordon. It is getting to the point where even hardened Labour supporters like myself are thinking of ditching the party.

It is sad because there is nowhere for me to go, the Greens are too anti-science for my liking and the Lib Dems just face all ways at once. The Labour party will always be the biggest party of the left while it has the unions. The Greens could only challenge Labour with significant financial backing from the workers and union bosses which currently they do not have. The Tories are awash with money from their foreign backers and will always benefit from owning most of the media - just like Belusconi in Italy, Cameron, Osborne and Johnson just see their scandals bounce off them. The papers refuse to print that Johnson charged the taxpayer for a wreath for remembrance Sunday or that his administration is awash with corruption. Whether its his deputies using their credit cards for personal spending or free Taxis for Brian Coleman to ferry him everywhere. Johnson like Cameron loves to photographed on their bike, but most of the time Taxis and Chaffeurs ferry them around - they are car loving Tories after all. None of this will come to the public's attention. Osborne and Cameron and Johnson all claimed the full amount 20k a year for mortgages they are rich enough not to have. They only have them to fleece the taxpayer. We are supposed to be happy about this lot taking over the public finances next year. People are not that stupid, but they know that the Labour party is finished under Gordon Brown. If Labour MPs do not act soon, they can add me to the millions they have already lost. The prospect of the Tories fills me with dread, but if Gordon stays we are handing them an easy victory.


  1. It is sad because there is nowhere for me to go, the Greens are too anti-science for my liking and the Lib Dems just face all ways at once.

    There is somewhere.. Pirate Party UK. Vote Pirate!

  2. Sven Rufus25/6/09 6:55 pm

    Have a look at this Neil

    Still don't get why you think the Greens are anti-science. I'm a scientist, I'm a Green - I may not agree with every single statement that you can find by some Green somewhere or other, nor with all of it's policies, and you can surely find some 'anti-science' somewhere, but I bet I can match it like for like with similar from Labour. If your views on our views on science are your only reason for holding back from crossing over, then I think you're a mile wide of the mark.

  3. Sven, I would be wonderful if Labour work with the Greens - it makes sense. But there is a depressive and childish tribal spine in the labour party.

    Here is a link for you about why I think the Greens are anti-science - from mobile phone masts to stem cell research, homeopathy to GM crops.


    But the main reason I doubt joining the Greens is the answer is that I believe they will never be the main party of the left, they lack union backing and their support is limited to the middle class. In Brighton and Hove they have a rosy future and maybe in 4 or 5 other constituencies. But under whatever electoral system they will never get more than 10-15% of the vote at most - not enough. To see real radical change it will have to come through a party broad enough to get 30-40% and that is still the Labour party. The Greens are a welcome addition but only as a minor partner. But even if the Greens did surpass Labour nationally, then they would have to change out of recognition - we would still have the same arguments to make.