13 June 2009

Goldsmid Ward By-Election - 23rd July

Kemptown Ben's Green blog has more on this, including:-

(i) How the Tories delayed their absentee councillor Paul Lainchbury's resignation until the vote on Mayor and Cabinet had been decided for another year.

(ii) How this has cost the taxpayer an extra £20,000 pounds because the election could have been held at the same time as the European elections.

(iii) How Paul Lainchbury's allowances antics have made Private Eye magazine.

(iv) How the Tories have called the election during half-term when many young parents will be away, in the hope a low turnout will help them most.

Also received a leaflet from the Tories today claiming 'ill health' as the reason for Paul Lainchbury doing nothing for Goldsmid residents (not a single council meeting) for 2 years and still claiming £22,000 off the taxpayer. So why didn't he resign sooner them? They also claim the other parties are being 'nasty' to point out his non-attendance. This is desperate from the Tories, they really deserve to be hammered on July 23rd.

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