10 June 2009

Does Anyone Believe Brown Will Do Anything Radical?

Constitutional reform and electoral reform can hang in the wind yet again. That is the essence of what Brown has just announced. Delaying tactics just to save his shifty skin. Like the aborted attempt to get rid of Brown, we reformers are left waiting at the alter once again.

Alan Johnson, Jon Cruddas, John Denham and Ben Bradshaw, all now influential in the cabinet and convinced we need a more proportional system to elect MPs have let Brown off the hook for this. We can drift on to the Autumn with this weak leader or we can just 'get on with it'. Brown is playing delaying tactics once again - it is obvious he is the roadblock to reform.

It seems the key weapon at Mandelson, Straw and Brown's disposal is the threat of an immediate general election, but by the Autumn that threat will be meaningless. The rebels can get rid of Brown, have a proper leadership election, a new fresh face that people will be curious about and a chance to implement proper reform that is absolutely overdue. Lets just hope it is not too late by then.

But one thing is clear, we have stopped listening to Brown, his promises are hollow and his gang of bullies and machievellian tactics should have no place in this party. The Labour party is still the lowest paid's best hope. The Lib Dems are too right wing and not convincing and the Greens are anti-science inexperienced dreamers with too little support. We are sick of Brown and his nasty bullies that have ruined this once great party. And we are sick of the sycophantic and weak Labour MPs who have put him into power without giving members a say.


  1. "The Lib Dems are too right wing and not convincing" -- I'm not sure about too right-wing, but surely on constitutional reform and the voting system (the subject of your post), they are the ONLY party that is at all convincing. They have been consistent about this for decades, so it's not just something that is momentarily expedient for them. I don't agree with all their policies or methods (see my blog, passim) but on this one issue I don't see how one can do anything but rate them top.

  2. PZT: I am just not convinced that Nick Clegg would demand PR if he held the balance of power, whereas other Lib Dem leaders I was convinced of that.

    The reason I think the Lib Dems are too right-wing mainly stems from their behavior in the London elections. They effectively helped Boris get elected by trying to be equidistant between him and Ken - when Ken was clearly the more progressive candidate.