29 June 2009

Devolution Will Be A Bulwark Against Tory Excess

Today, a survey shows Scots want more powers for their parliament. This could a key battle for the Tories. They have to maintain the union but cannot afford to give power from Westminster to England, Scotland or Wales. As the Tories become unpopular in government the more parts of the UK will want to get away from Westminster control. Te Tories will resist, but ultimately the cat is out of the bag. Devolution, ironically could save the English from the Tories. Here's hoping.


  1. What we need is a bulwark against labour governements which always bankrupt the country, with the current incumbents do it in spades.

  2. A UK parliament elected the same way as the Scottish parliament would hold Labour and Tories in check - i.e. proportional representation.