23 June 2009

BNP To Be Prosecuted For Discrimination.

I have often wondered why the BNP were allowed to have openly discriminatory membership rules - barring black or Asian members.

Griffin always trots out the excuse that the Black Police Authority bars whites - if true he would have a point. But it is not true, there are white members of the BPA.

I don't believe anybody should be barred from any group (or occupation) because of their ethnicity or political, religious or philosophical viewpoint (as long as they carry out their job or membership in a non-discriminatory way). So teachers and other public servants should not be barred form the BNP and the BNP should have to welcome black or Asian members.


  1. It is an hilarious way to piss off the BNP but I doubt it will achieve much more than that.

    On the other side of the coin I don't understand how any public body can bar members of a legal British party. It seems to be a prima facie breach of human rights legislation, (perhaps the BNP don't want to challenge under that as they aren't the greatest fans of the act).

  2. You could force the BNP to accept Asian and black applicants; whether you could force them to "welcome" Asian and black members is a different matter.

  3. GS: It would be interesting to see the BNP have to accept black and Asian members. Imagine the scene.

    I think this would be an excellent way to tackle the BNP. We get ethnic minorities to join en masse and change the BNP policies. The skinheads would certainly go crazy at that.