21 May 2009

mBlogging Can Be A Bastard!!

I learnt an important lesson yesterday, as you can probably see from the post below - in trying to correct a few typos I managed to delete half of the post and cannot get it back. As it happened to be a post I had spent a lot of time writing I am particularly pissed off. Any suggestions as to how I can get back what was there yesterday? I have tried google cache but to no avail.


  1. Neil, I was going to say try blogscope, but I just checked their cache and it's the same as what your post currently says. Did you go to Google Blog search as opposed to ordinary Google? (http://blogsearch.google.com/)
    Unfortunately the only way to get at its cache is to keep asking it to search your blog - go to advanced blog search - for a series of search terms, and it will give you a little bit each time, from which you might be able to piece it together, IF the full version happens to be in its cache.

  2. P.S. This sort of thing has happened to me often enough that I now write my posts in Wordpad and only paste them into blogger when I have finished tidying them up. If my text disappears into outer cyberspace I then still have a copy in Wordpad on my hard disk.

  3. PZT, Cheers for the advice will have a look at google blogs cache and blogscope. I have now rewriten the post again, probably not as well as before, but maybe it wasn't as good as I thought anyway.