01 May 2009

Gordon Brown On The Guillotine

"...the people have a wonderful dream - Gordon Brown on the guillotine. When will you die? When will you die?"

Thanks to Morrissey for that song about our beloved Margaret.

Just to clarify, I don't want Gordon to die literally, just metaphorically, whereas I did literally want Margaret Thatcher to die.

Of course if Gordon did die suddenly, of say a heart attack, it would certainly help Labour and the country out of a severe predicament, but I still couldn't wish for it however much I would love to see front bench Tories and Tory bloggers squirm as they try to say how much they loved and respected the man despite calling him variously at times an 'autistic with a kiddie fiddler smile'.

The only thing worse than Gordon Brown as leader is some right-wing Tories back in power, which seems to be where we are headed at the moment.

I don't just blame Gordon Brown for our plight - it is Labour MPs who have got us here by refusing to give members a say in the first place - because of that, Gordon has never had any real legitimacy as PM. Oh, how I wish MPs would finally see sense, maybe this party conference we could install a new leader and then call an immediate general election. Voters are always willing to give new leaders a chance - remember Gordon reached 40% in the polls in Autumn 2007 and almost certainly could have won a general election.

Now, I am not saying we could win at the moment under say, an Alan Johnson, Harriet Harman or David Miliband (or better still Jon Cruddas or John Denham), but could ANYONE be a worse Labour leader and PM than Gordon Brown at the moment? He has lost all credibility, he is hated and we are heading for a massacre.

As MPs only seem to care about their expenses when standing up to Gordon Brown, maybe enough of them will have sense to see that they might just save their seats if they get rid of him. We live in hope - Gordon on the guillotine.


  1. Trooper Thompson1/5/09 7:41 pm

    I may well have said this before, but I reckon Robin Cook would have beaten Brown in a leadership election, and that his death is suspicious.

    What can't be known is how his continued existence may have changed Blair's timetable to stand down.

  2. all speculation but do u reckon brown had him bumped off? Maybe that is why no labour mp is willing to take him on!

  3. (lol!)

    No, I wouldn't go that far!

    I guess the two things are separate (i.e. the death and my speculation over a leadership contest that didn't happen). I do think that Robin Cook had the stature to take on Brown, unlike (apparently) anyone else, and would have offered the necessary change of direction from Blair, especially with regard to the Iraq war, that the government needed to renew itself.

    Of the present choices, and I speak as someone who isn't a labour voter (any more), only John Denham seems convincing enough. I have a visceral dislike of David Miliband, although he's the most likely leader if labour lose the next election and Gordon falls on his sword.

    By the way, I'd like to say, although I generally turn up to attack what you say, I do respect you for giving your opinions, defending them and letting people such as myself, attack them, if you know what I mean.