14 May 2009

For Once, Maybe We Should Listen To Tebbit.

Now I never thought I would say this, but maybe Tebbit is right. Under a proportional system the European Elections on June 4th give people a real chance to say how they feel about the expenses scandal.

If you are angry, do not sit on your hands - non-voting helps the establishment and the BNP because you become irrelevant and they can ignore you. Neither is the BNP the party to vote for, because they are just racist nonsense.

No, if you are really angry, this PR system means you can vote for the minor parties like the Greens and UKIP and know that the bigger parties will be hurt.

Polling Report suggests you might (for once) put your vote where your mouth is. Both the Tories and Labour deserve to do badly. As a Labour party member I am unable to say don't vote Labour, but for once a PR system gives us on the left an electable alternative. If you do not want to vote Labour like you normally do then vote Green, if you do not want to vote Tory like you normally do then vote UKIP. Not voting just helps Tory, Labour and the BNP. Lets really see voters do something useful for once, otherwise the main parties will never learn.


  1. As somebody who is 60% UKIP, 40% Green, 0% LibLabCon and about -100% BNP, all I can say is thanks for that!

  2. Mark, yes this election could be very interesting - especially if both Tories and Labour are well beaten.

  3. Trooper Thompson15/5/09 10:38 am

    If people did refuse to vote liblabcon it would have a major impact, although this is not a general election of course, which would really count. We've seen it in other countries, with long-standing parties getting virtually wiped out. But surely Neil, angry leftwingers should support Bob Crow's party? Or maybe this is only in London?