17 May 2009

Do The Tories Really Deserve A 152 Seat Majority Over ALL Other Parties When They Have Had Their Fingers In The Till Just As Much (If Not More)?

Thirty something percent of the vote, less than 1 in 5 of the electorate and the Tories are heading for over 60% of the seats.

No wonder the Tories love the present system of electing MPs. Who needs to attract majority support when all you have to do is split the opposition.

It seems Labour voters are more disgusted by this expenses scandal - probably because most Labour voters have never been able to claim them. Tory voters in contrast are probably much more sympathetic having accountants to flip their earnings to avoid tax and spicing up their expenses claims is a part of their lives too.

If you really want to show MPs of all parties on June 4th, we need you Tories to vote UKIP - you will get a nice right-wing MEP and as a bonus one who probably shares your hatred of the EU. Come on, us Labour supporters are deserting Labour, we need you Tory supporters to show you hate piggy cash troughing MPs as well. Otherwise we can assume you only want to save taxpayers money when it is spent on the working classes. Show us you care.

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