21 May 2009

Cameron Has No Credibility In Getting Value For Taxpayers

If David Cameron thinks it good value for taxpayers to continue to pay him £20k a year on his £1M mansion, how can we take his claims on getting good value for taxpayers seriously?

The Tories now say they won't claim for moats and duck islands and may even de-select a few older Tories, but they will continue to be very wealthy people on a top 5% salary expecting us on an average £23k to pay their mortgages.

Save us money? They are having a laugh. How can we consider them moral when they cut benefits of £63 a week or teachers starting salaries of £17k - they repeatedly say teachers and others are having it easy.

People may not want Labour anymore, but please don't replace them with these jerks. Vote for anyone but the Tories, they need teaching a lesson too!

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