13 May 2009

The Best We Can Hope For GB Is That He Becomes Our IDS.

Polly wanted Brown, now she wants Johnson. All I ever wanted was for the membership to have their say. This is where the parliamentary party have gone wrong - New Labour's biggest fault is it's suppression of democracy within the party (and some would say outside of the party as well). Supress internal democracy and it is no wonder you end up with people like Brown and Blears running the show.

I and many others warned that Brown would be an ineffective leader, poor communicator (and communication is essential is this media age) and worst of all, a Stalinist control freak. What I didn't realise was just how indecisive he was - wasting £1.2m on the election that never was exemplifies this.

Yes, the parliamentary party could quickly rally round likeable Alan Johnson, and the people couldn't dislike him more than they dislike Brown so he is bound to save us a few seats, but this would not address the problem - the party needs a proper leadership election and debate to show the country where it is headed, followed quickly by a general election - people would respect that and it would show that Labour's stalinist tendencies were behind it and you never know we might just catch the Tories on the back foot.

For socialism to work it needs democracy, the Soviet Union failed for this reason and so will New Labour, if it doesn't change (and wouldn't it be great if they finally honoured their promise on PR). Sadly I don't hold out much hope.


  1. Good morning Neil. Alan Johnson would save you plenty of seats - 100 I heard Graham Stringer suggest a week or so ago - but the difficulty is that I'm not sure the public would wear a second change of leader without a general election. If he was put in as leader for even a few months there is a chance the voters might punish Labour still further when the election finally comes round. One possible solution would be for Brown to be deposed after the Euro polls and replaced by Johnson who then calls a snap election. Honeymoon period, etc. That really is the only way for Labour to reel the Tories in and to have a chance of harrying them on Europe, the coming austerity etc.

    I'm on the other side of the fence from you and don't mind admitting that many Tories in the country think Johnson an effective operator. He is the one we fear because he can reach across the divide and because he is without taint in terms of expenses.

    You are also quite right about need for a leadership election, which would have to come after the general election. What is needed is a fair-minded battle of ideas, and for that reason Mr Cruddas should figure. There is no room for Mr Balls though - even more loathsome than Osborne on my side.

    Genuinely sorry - though not a bit surprised - that Labour under Brown has turned in on itself. Bad for public life and democracy - whatever that is.

    With good wishes,

    Sir Compton

  2. "For socialism to work it needs democracy, the Soviet Union failed for this reason"

    The USSR failed not because of a lack of democracy, socialism requires athoritarianism not the free will of the people, but because socialism is fundamental flawed.

    Re Johnson; he would be an improvement on Brown but then thats not saying much. Sadly, given how difficult it is for the Labour party to oust a leader, I doubt that Gordon will let go of the reigns until he finally has to face the public and gets a well deserved humiliation.