13 April 2009

I'd Be Depressed If I Was Married To George Osbourne

* Shuggy has an excellent post on this smeargate thing.

I think the press have finally got confident enough not to even try to hide their support for the Tory party any more. Now we have a load of non-story running about how bad and nasty the Labour party are because a couple of junior hacks were going to slag off a few top Tories for having affairs and taking drugs.

It beggars belief the amount of schadenfraude supposedly on show here in the Labour party. The Tories and the press are the nastiest bunch of bastards ever to walk the earth - this all smells of the non scandal of 'Jennifer's Ear' that floored Kinnock, what a load of bollocks the world of the media has become. Reminds me of this -

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