02 February 2009

Racist Jobs For Racist Workers

History repeats itself - what do we expect from an ignorant country that feasts on a diet of Daily Mail lies everyday. That is all I have to say on this subject. Other blogs explain it all.


  1. Hi Neil

    Nice to see you've stuck us on your links list (Brighton and Hove sticking together). Cant find any means of contacting you other than this, perhaps you could drop me a note and we could have a chat.
    Tony Parsons

  2. It's an ignorant country thanks to Labour's education policies.

  3. Neil,

    have the working class let you down again?

  4. This is rather typical why the Labour Party is becoming increasingly unpopular in the Country. They are turning against the core vote and perhaps more importantly the core values of the Party (such as they still exist). As times tighten up around the Country, people are feeling the pinch, no one is feeling the pinch harder than those lower down the wage scale. The Labour Party has been seen to disregard these people’s terms and conditions since they have came to power, and that has not gone unnoticed. People like Mandleson, a Lord whose job, terms and conditions, are never under attack from cheap foreign labour, pulling a Tebbit, does no one any favours.

    These are the times when people want to see the Government is on their side, yet the Left seemed rather too eager to distance themselves from this dispute. When the banks were teetering on the brink of disaster, the Labour Party were all to keen to put aside the ‘free market’ ideology and all the baggage that goes along with it, for ‘the greater good’. Not only did we save the banks, we also saved thousands of middle class jobs in the process. The banking sector received the ultimate ‘protectionism’ in the shape of life saving loans that we will be paying for in the next decades, yet we cannot stoop so low to defend a few hundred working class jobs. Of course there are more fundamental problems here, but when the political Party who were set up to protect these people steadfastly refused to do so, you have to wonder where people turn to. When people don’t feel they are being listened to and their anger is being dismissed, don’t be surprised to find that their anger is being channelled by people who DO listen and offer ‘solutions’.

    Perhaps if the Labour Party managed to actually do something for a change and actually defended jobs, instead of pontificating, the Daily Mail et al would have neither fuel or flames to power the racist fires.