26 February 2009

David 'Dubya' Cameron And The Time Travelling Tories.

I really hope that David Cameron has learned to appreciate the value of the NHS and social services because of the care his son Ivan received. That is the line of the press and media and I hope they are right. But I have to say, just as Diana's death had no personal impact on my life, so too does Ivan's death. I feel more sympathy for those families who suffer or lose loved ones every day because of poverty around the world, I feel more sympathy for those who suffered and died as a result of the NHS and social service cutbacks under the last Tory government. I doubt David Cameron feels any of this, holed up in his £1.5m mansion bought without a mortgage.

Which is a real shame, because it now seems very likely that this man is going to be our next Prime Minister sometime in 2010.

There has never been a better time for this country to have a centre-left government. The right-wing, neo-liberal, laissez faire (couldn't care less for the poor) government that the Tories and their ideological friends the US Republicans stand for, is bankrupt.

As Joe Biden said recently "they are always quick to criticise but have nothing to offer in its place".

It is such a shame that Labour have been so spineless to let a loser and right wing ideologue like Brown be leader - he comes from the gutless centre of the party that is unable to stand up to the Tory press and establishment. Labour need ask themselves as a party not whether someone else could beat the Tories, but whether someone else could do better than the anihilation we are about to face under Brown. The polls now conclude almost anyone could do better.

The Tories continue to outline what they would do 'in the past' not the future - so they claim to 'stick to Labour spending until 2009'. Easy to do when they know they won't be in power till 2010. I looked for an analogy to mock this, but it is just so absurd I found it impossible to mock. The Tories are time travelling into the past to say how good they 'would have been'. This is a fantastic tactic to avoid saying what your future policies actually are. As Biden says 'all criticism and no alternative'. Is this really the future of the UK?

When Cameron replaces social service spending, public transport and NHS spending with tax cuts for those on over £100k (the top 2% of earners) and increases in military spending and inevitable continual growth in Quangos, consultants and managers (just like in the Tory 80s), I want people to think back to this moment, to Ivan Cameron sentimentality in the press, to the 'greenwash' Tory policies and 'civil liberties' guff and think, is this guy really any different to George W Bush? The cutbacks in London by Boris and the Tories here in Brighton give us a clue. Expect 'public services' to get very expensive for us mere mortals on the average wage of 24k!!! under the Tories and their hedge fund friends on massive salaries.


  1. "just as Diana's death had no personal impact on my life, so too does Ivan's death"

    Don't you mean "neither odes Ivan's death"?

    Apart from that this is Indian Bicycle Marketing of the worst sort. The state could easily provide the same benefits, the same healthcare and better education AND cut taxes by twenty per cent, by sacking all the quangista and civil servants and waste.

    The serious choice is between tax cuts (whether targetted at lower or higher earners is another topic, I'd prefer both) and waste. Not between tax cuts and sensible spending.

  2. "right wing ideologue like Brown"

    I do love your definition of "the left" which so far as I can tell is "people that I happen to like and agree with today".

    Brown is a lefty. The fact that he is incompetant and rather irritating doesn't alter his leftyness, it backs it up.