12 September 2008

PZT is Back.

PZT is back with three excellent posts on Boris, Palin and Polly. All worth a read, go and have a look.

As for my own blogging, my hits continue to dive, my posts lack depth and I have plummeted from 55th to oblivion on a new poll of left wing blogs.

My only consolation is that other leftie blogs show that you can recover your previous best or appear from nowhere in a few months - Obsolete, Tory Troll and Liberal Conspiracy are leftie examples of blogs doing well.

Bloggers4labour thinks it is all about engaging with right-wing blogs to challenge our ideas and opinions - I think unless we know where we are coming from in the first place, useful though it is to know what the opposition are saying, it is better to focus on quality than quantity.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, Neil, thanks for that fulsome plug. You may think your blog has dived to oblivion - mine has never been anywhere else! But let us not be downhearted. Onward and upward!