06 August 2008

The Sooner We Get Rid Of Gordon Clown, The Better For All Of Us!

I am truly sick of Gordon Brown and his dithering - his sheer...
incapacity to make decisions on anything. The latest wheeze from No.10 is to 'pre-announce' a 'possible' policy on freezing stamp duty under £250,000, so to 'help' first time buyers. Do they know nothing about economics or history? Brown contrary to rhetoric, seems determined to destroy house building not boost it. Rather than the admirable 300,000 units being targeted, we are looking at less than 100,000 being built this year.

Not only is this stamp duty freeze a terrible idea that will not work - they only have to go back to the Major/Lamont years to see how it failed then, but by pre-announcing it, first time buyers are now even more likely not to take the plunge - waiting for this supposed 'freeze' that might not even arrive.

Brown seems incapable of coming up with ideas of his own, instead, he thinks plundering rubbish Tory-Cameron proposals, 2 years before we should have to face an avalanche of them, will save his skin. Brown has already alienated most of the Labour vote by doing this. If Labour MPs don't get rid of him soon, there won't be any Labour voters left to alienate.


  1. Just wanted to drop in and say "hi" Neil as I have not commented for a while. Hope all is well with you?

    I think it is too late for a change of leadership to save your party, I think the damage has been done. I can't comment on the candidates for leadership as I don't know enough about them.

    I'm hoping UKIP/BNP will make some gains at the EU elections again this year.

  2. R&W: Hi to you too. A week is a long time in politics. One year ago Brown was riding high and should have called an election. A change of leader might not work, but it is Labour's best hope.

    Not a fan of UKIP/BNP. I really don't understand why someone as intelligent as you is interested in these shallow parties. The BNP especially only has one real aim - victimising minorities.