07 August 2008

Politically Incorrect Means Lying Tories.

If Labour owned all the local and national press and used them as...
party political freesheets - as the Tories do, the opinion polls would be very different.

Boris had all the press telling us about Ken's cronies - the truth, even a kangaroo court of Tories (costing £500,000) found nothing corrupt and Boris then goes and starts wasting money left, right and centre - giving £7m to Venezuala to scrap the half price travel for the poor, giving£125,000 to a 'headhunting' agency when Boris is supposed to do the recruiting, giving £400,000 to Porsche, £1.2m to employees sacked for no good reason, £120,000 jobs to a host of dodgy deputies he has to immediately sack (no doubt on good severance terms) and £126,000 jobs to people who donated to his political campaign (and still Tory Brian Coleman continues to run up £10,000 taxi bills). Of course none of this is reported as cronyism!

So it comes as no surprise that the LDA, which was cross party under Livingstone, becomes completely Tory under Boris, with no Labour representation. Just to prove how Orwellian the Tories are, Boris rewrites history by deleting 'the first hundred days of Ken' entry on the Mayor website (because it looks too good compared to his own poor record). So the Tories can happily turn a 21% decrease in traffic since the congestion charge started 6 years ago (including a 14% drop in the 1 year Western extension) into a headline in the papers of 'congestion charge doesn't reduce congestion', you know that honesty is not going to be part of the Tory governing way. They will make Labour spin look virtuous by comparison.

Livingstone used the drop in car traffic to improve the quality of life of Londoners. Livingstone rightly prioritised Thames Water fixing leaks that cost Londoners millions and gave other road users more time and space. So pedestrians were given more time to cross and cyclists giving more room and buses more dedicated lanes. All this saved lives, but Boris says he will scrap it all to favour car drivers alone. So the congestion charge that saved lives and allowed other road users more time and space is blamed for congestion - when the reality is that London is heading for a choked future and drop in living standards under Boris. Oh hum!

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