20 June 2008

Who Is Running London?

The Queen once allegedly said that 'there are forces that we know nothing about'. It seems Mayor of London Boris Johnson knows less than most - according to this latest news from BorisWatch.

Tory Troll discusses the frightening implications of Boris not having a clue what is being done in his name.


  1. You call it 'lack of grasp of detail'. Others might call that micro-managing.

  2. Mark: I would call it not knowing what is going on. Fancy not even knowing a significant policy that had been announced by your office and printed in the media only a few days before. But worse than that actually saying you didn't agree with it but that 'everything would be fine'.

  3. I believe that fucking twats like Spiked Online etc etc are, at least in part, running London.

    This is what fuckers like Guido Fawkes have always wanted. Democracy debased, the public space obliterated, the elected authorities barely existant, themselves & their corporate mates in charge.

    People are going to wake up to the shitheads of this variety & send them back to whatever misanthropic "libertarian" cave they fucking crawled from.

  4. dark vengeance20/6/08 8:23 pm

    The fucking utter cunt Munira Mirza is a prime example of the entryist tactics these scum are following.

  5. Thanks for the link, Neil.


    "You call it 'lack of grasp of detail'. Others might call that micro-managing."

    The point is that he isn't managing at all, micro or otherwise. He simply doesn't - at least in these areas - know what's going on, which strengthens the "empty vessel" accusation that was made against him in the Assembly.