09 May 2008

The Difference Between Labour and Tory.

I am frequently asked; what difference is there between this Labour government and a future Tory one?

Part of the answer was provided by a Boris Johnson supporting commenter on here the other day in response to the ban on booze - "I do not judge a party on one or two bad policies but on the whole".

This is the correct approach to party politics - there are many areas where...
Labour has got it wrong and continues to get it wrong, but in comparison with the Tory record it pales into insignificance. One example is poverty. The Tories produce figure after figure where Labour has had limited success in reducing poverty, and this is only good and proper that they do this, but until they admit and apologise for their much worse record over 18 years - a record of tripling poverty - I will not trust them when they claim to care and claim to aspire to Labour's target of abolishing child poverty by 2020.

The crucial difference for me is that both parties contain career politicians that mouth words they do not believe and patronise the electorate, in Labour's case these are their worst MPs, but in the Tory case these are the best MPs their party has to offer.

As we tumble towards a Tory government few have enthusiasm for, we will do well to remember this when we consider where to vote.


  1. The Labour government looks like its heading into oblivion, helped by the blairites, who will rejoice in a Tory victory as the last laugh on Gordon Brown.

    The situation leaves me cold. There's no hope in Labour or Tory – the differences between them are merely rhetorical. There is no significant difference in what either party will do on all the main issues, be it following a war-crazy US regime in neo-imperialist adventures, dismantling our national sovereignty in the interests of the EU and the globalist corporations, continuing the progression into panopticon police state dystopia etc.

    All you can cling to is the conviction that labour aren't as bad as the other lot. You're kidding yourself. Labour have sucked up to big business just the same as the tories, ramped up taxes on the middle and working classes, and pissed it all against the wall. Furthermore, when the economic shit hits the fan, as it may do very soon, it will become clear that the government isn't really in control of events. Now that T Blair is whoring for JP Morgan, he's probably closer to the levers of power than he ever was as PM.

    Still, you should look on the bright side. If and when the tories take over, you may benefit by regaining your critical faculties to judge authoritarian bullshit like ID cards, DNA databases, random police stop-and-search, detention without trial, abolishing juries etc. When the tories do it, you may be able to see it's wrong.

  2. Couldn't agree more with the above comment. Well said.