15 May 2008

Brian Paddick

"Campaigned like a Tory, and voted like a Trotskyite" - as Ken so aptly put it.

Although Ken lost, he did...
manage a number of successes.

His total number of votes were UP by 30% forcing Boris to get an unprecedented 1.3m votes to beat him. Labour actually increased its number of GLA seats in contrast to the Labour decline elsewhere. And finally, Ken exposed the Lib Dems duplicity in London, that they manage to get away with elsewhere.

It is a real shame and disappointment to many progressives to see the conservative nature of the Lib Dems - in London they refused to join the progressive alliance of Greens and socialists and in doing so, they suffered badly at the polls - just 9.6% for their lacklustre Mayor candidate and they lost 3 seats on the GLA - they also helped elect Boris as Mayor by not endorsing Ken as preferable.

The Lib Dems are doing better nationally under Nick Clegg - under Ming they were in meltdown - just as Labour is under Gordon Brown, but Chris Huhne (who we now know would have won had all his votes not got held up in the Christmas post) would have been the more appropriate leader for their party.

As an ex-Tory it is clear which way Nick Clegg is taking the party - it might help in their fight to keep southern English seats - but most of the Lib Dem membership must be appalled at their shift towards the Tories.


  1. (Clegg) "an ex-Tory"

    Wrong. Don't be such a lying twat.

  2. ONIB: You seemingly would deny anything - even the Cambridge Tories membership lists.