15 April 2008

Two Days Left To Stop The Racists.

If you live in London then you need to register by this Wednesday to be able to stick two fingers up to the racist BNP and Boris Johnson. Both groups are hoping for a low turnout, the BNP were only a few thousand votes off 5% and a seat on the GLA last time - the lower the turnout, the better their chances. Anybody in London who despises racism MUST vote or we could end up with a Mayor who idolises Enoch Powell and the BNP on the GLA.

Not as if anybody believed YouGov when they gave Boris a 16% lead, but even according to them Boris is down 10% in the last few weeks to just a 6% lead. Livingstone is gaining votes fast and Boris is losing them - we need to keep this momentum going.

Hat-tip as ever to the STOP BORIS BLOG who alerted me to this excellent Tory Troll post on registration - you can register online at LONDON ELECTS. Do it!

There are many many reasons to vote in this election - to maintain and expand free travel for the young and old, to keep the discounts for other disadvantaged groups, to build more affordable homes to buy and rent, to make the roads more pedestrian friendly not less, to expand cycling provision, to have someone with proven competence in charge of Crossrail and the Olympics, but of all these reasons, stopping the BNP has to be top of the list. Think how you will feel, when by not spending a few minutes of your time voting it leads to a bunch of racist idiots on the public payroll?


  1. Do you think the decimation of London's East End white communities and their culture (from post war immigration) was a good or a bad thing?

  2. Who do you vote for if you oppose an amnesty for illegal immigration?

  3. Snafu: It doesn't matter what any of the candidates think on this issue, since the Mayor or GLA has no power to issue amnesties.

  4. Are the candidates allowed to have a view on immigration?

    Are current levels too high, just about right or too low? Would less immigration improve community cohesion?

    Can Ken Livingstone prevent climate change!?!

  5. Snafu: I think both climate change and immigration are something that the London Mayor cannot affect directly - they can have limited influence but that is all.

    Londoners should vote for Ken's environmental programme because it improves their lives directly improving their quality of life.

    To answer your question - I think immigration has been largely a good thing. London is the most prosperous region of the country yet has the highest levels of immigration.

  6. "London is the most prosperous region of the country yet has the highest levels of immigration."

    Which I'm sure has nothing to do with those city bankers you are so fond of.

  7. Falco: The point I am making is that the part of the UK with the highest immigration also has the most thriving economy. How does that square with the right-wing propaganda?