04 April 2008

BNP Says 'Vote For Boris'.

With the Greens backing Ken and former director of Friends of the Earth's Jonathan Porritt also backing Ken and horrified at the prospect of Boris, this latest news of BNP support for Boris emphasises which side progressives should be on.

As the latest MORI/ICM Poll shows, if this election were being fought on the issues Ken would win easily. Most Londoners think Ken has done a good job as Mayor, only the Evening Standard smears and lies can explain why Ken is not ahead of bumbling Boris.

Frankly, even if I were a Tory I would be embarrassed at the prospect of Boris running London. Would Londoners want Margaret Thatcher to run London? - If they are not careful this is exactly what they are going to get in Thatcherite Boris...except with added slapdash incompetence on top.

I mean, Boris supported Section 28 - despite not actually knowing what it was, was 1000% inaccurate in his nostalgic route master idea, thinks it funny to call black people 'piccaninies' and then criticises Londoners for not getting 'the joke', he avoids debate on the issues as he clearly is clueless about London! Is this the sort of grasp of detail and...
the sort of person Londoners would like to trust with £29bn of transport investment over the next four years? For all our sakes, I hope people get to hear the truth before its too late.

If you want a greener London, with the congestion charge maintained and £25 on gas guzzlers, then you have to vote Ken.

If you want cheaper and better transport then you need someone with a proven competence in implementing improvements - you have to vote Ken.

If you want more affordable housing built, then you have to stop Boris scrapping it - you have to vote Ken.

Simply, if you want Ken's policies, like the polls show most Londoners do, then you have to vote Ken on May 1st.


  1. Neil, neither of us lives in London so who gives a shit, frankly? I just checked out your 'Resources', the God exists one is brilliant, but how come no link to the

  2. Glad you like the god exists link. Labour Land Campaign is linked to under 'Labour' in the left sidebar.

  3. Neil something I've always respected you for since I started reading your blog is that you defend your corner and are confident enough to allow everyone have their say. You are big enough not to bite at my (or other's) jibes and you don't brand the strong right with silly hysterical tags like UAF supporters do.

    So I must say I am a little disappointed that you put the Swastika on your post today, clearly implying that BNP supporters are Nazis. BNP supporters of nationalists of a nation that fought a war against the Nazis to halt Fascism.

  4. Ironically, I've just heard Ken will make a big anti BNP speech today. Maybe in response to this?

  5. R&W: I'm sure a lot of Germans supported the Nazis just because they were nationalists - that didn't mean that the Nazis were not fascists. I'm sorry to upset you but as far as I am concerned the BNP are fascists and are one of the few parties that warrant the use of the swastika to signify this.

  6. Anon: I'm sorry but I have removed your last post. I don't like removing any comment and this is the first I have ever removed (apart from spam).

    A list of labour councillor misdemenours and alleged misdemenours is not relevant to this post. I am sure every political party has its share of criminals. Please without naming specific names, what is your point?

  7. The BNP doesn't propose to abolish parliamentary democracy and introduce dictatorship, the BNP doesn't propose restrictions on or the abolishion of freedom of speech, the BNP doesn't propose to exterminate Jews or anyone else.

    Thus the BNP doesn't have any of the key defining characterists of Nazism.