25 March 2008

Cameron, Cycling And Electoral Reform.

Just want to point out two excellent articles in the Independent in the last few days, this one on Cameron's cycling antics and this one on electoral reform.

The only criticism I would make of Cameron breaking the highway code, is that as an elected politician he should know that being a lawbreaker will not endear him as a future lawmaker. I suspect however that the brownie points earned by him making the effort to cycle at all, probably outweighs his lawbreaking (even amongst the motorists who hate cycling altogether).

On electoral reform, Steve Richards makes...
similar points to what I wrote here. Brown could use electoral reform to his advantage if he comes out in favour soon, and gives us a referendum. I suggested it be held simultaneous with the next election, Richards proposes after it. The only problem with Richard's suggestion, is that with Labour's past record of broken promises on referenda, would anyone believe Brown when he promised another?


  1. In reply to your last question, no.

  2. Watching the footage, I noticed that Cameron wasn't the only cyclist breaking the law...

    When did breaking the law ever affect the careers of Labour politicians!?!

    Did Dawn Primarolo ever pay her council tax!?!

    Political donations anyone!?!

  3. Snafu: Justifying Cameron's arrogant actions by changing the subject.

    Although I personally think his cycling antics are understandable - when cycling routes are so poor and traffic so heavy, I think as a politician showing such disdain for the law does not give us much confidence in how he will perform as PM.

  4. "Justifying Cameron's arrogant actions by changing the subject."

    Sorry, I forgot that was a typical Labour ploy...

  5. Snafu: I don't think you need to worry, failing electoral reform, your lot will be in absolute power with the support of about 22% of the electorate by 2010, just like our lot have managed. What a crap way of running the country, no wonder so many of them are idiots and frauds.

  6. But Neil, it's the right 22% in power!