01 March 2008

Banksy Art To Raise Money For Ken.

More information can be found here on the artforken website.

Hat-tip - kenrocks.org


  1. I think I'd rather raise money to cover the legal cost of getting him into court for corruption.

  2. In 20 years of trying to dig the dirt, no-one, not even the Evening Standard has accused Ken of corruption - they haven't even accused Lee Jasper of it. Lee has presented to the police, who have dismissed the accusations and stated there are no criminal charges to bring.

    The Evening Standard itself voiced by Andrew Gilligan have admitted that haven't accused anyone of corruption. But they present it in such a way as to give that impression. Less than 1% of the LDA budget (over 8 years of operation) is unaccounted for - for business start-ups this is a remarkably low figure. The allegations centre around an email where Lee Jasper mentioned his support for a few organisations that received funding. That is it, the sole piece of evidence!

    All the other stuff about smearing Trevor Phillips with paid employees have been shown to be guff and fully investigated and found to be unsubstantiated by the GLA. As for Ken being a drinker and employing socialists - who cares? Londoners care about London and they universally agree Ken has done a good job. If you want to see someone as Mayor who really is corrupt then vote for Boris.

  3. Neil, what about his "550 quid in one night" room bill paid for by the taxpayer? Or his paid buddies that do research for him? Or his mysterious businesses that are registered to run down buildings? That last one is the oldest trick in the book of corruption.

  4. R&W: They are not 'his mysterious businesses'. Questions do need to be answered, but this is less than 1% of the LDA budget over 8 years - when it comes to new business starts the number of business folds is usually much higher than this. Ken is running an £11bn budget - he cannot be everywhere, Ken's record on efficiency is second to none.

    Everybody in high office hires people they know to do research for them - this is hardly news, yet alone corruption.

    Finally, if Ken spent £550 in a night - that is bad, but this one-off bill is nothing compared to Brian Coleman - the Tory leader of the GLA - who slags off cyclists, removed road humps in his borough so drivers could speed, then got banned from driving for speeding and ran up over £5,000 on taxi fares at the taxpayers expense. That is the level of corruption we can expect from the Tories. All these things are relative.