08 February 2008

Glad I Am Not Rowan Williams.

I know I am fabled for the odd 'foot in mouth' incident myself, but I am pretty glad I am not Rowan Williams at the moment.

Whatever 'liberal' point this Archbishop thought he was making, it is fundamentally very very stupid to suggest that some people can break our laws because they have a different religion (if he didn't mean that, then what was he trying to say? Obviously as long as people do not break the law, then there is nothing to stop them abiding by their own 'religious laws'). His comments on Sharia law have made him pretty much a laughing stock, but I think it demonstrates where religion is going. It is clearly an attempt to form an alliance. The Anglican church is in severe decline, whereas Islam is growing in importance. Clearly Rowan sees it as crucial to join forces with all religions in his fight against reason.

*UPDATE* Here is an attempt at a defence for William's position.


  1. but I think it demonstrates where religion is going. It is clearly an attempt to form an alliance.

    That thought went through my mind. Remember last week he was pleading for a restriction on free speech on behalf of Muslims. If he can get special dispensation for one religious group, he will be lining up close behind with his begging bowl, saying "me, too".

    That said, Shari'a regards the testimony of a woman as half that of a man, so is utterly incompatible with English law - common or statute.

  2. Longrider: I'm glad I am not the only one thinking it. These statements seem strategic from Williams. I think people misjudge Williams as a liberal because he speaks with a quiet voice, his views are actually pretty distasteful. Look at how he kowtowed to the homophobes in his ranks.

  3. Mark Wadsworth9/2/08 9:37 am

    Neil, I noticed the same thing - the Christian Church, which is world-champion at absorbing ideas from other religions to help itself spread (nicking Easter and Xmas, for example) recently tried nicking ideas from the Global-Warming-Relgion, i.e. that bishop or somebody who said that he was going to give up emitting CO2 for Lent. An alliance of religion against reason, indeed!