12 January 2008

London Desperately Needs Ken Livingstone To Be Re-Elected.

Heres Ken at party conference in September, I don't know who else who could get conference to applaud elected Green Party members. Ken outlines here how it was the Green Assembly members that have got his budget past the opposition of Lib Dems and Tories. Half price bus travel for those on income support, free bus travel for under 18s, free travel for pensioners on all public transport - all opposed by the Lib Dems and Tories.

Ken also gives a brilliant example of how narrow minded party politics is blocking the building of desperately needed housing on derelict land. Ken explains how Lib Dems and Tories have blocked house building in one local authority for over 4 years, despite inspectors approving it. This is why house building is so low in this country despite the desperate need for it. Ken also outlines why London is overtaking New York as a financial centre and as a cultural centre and how he is cutting single bus fares by another 10% to 90p, cheaper in real terms than when he took office. London is the only city in the world to be moving people out of cars and onto public transport. New York is now considering their own congestion charge. London leads the world because of Ken. Anyway take a look above at what Ken says and see for yourself. Below are some thoughts of Londoners on the recent Mayor Debate shown on ITV London.


  1. My problems with Red Ken are legion. To name but three:

    a) His right hand man is a former Communist.

    b)He is the chairman of the borderline fascist UAF.

    c) He is WAY too pro-immigration.

  2. I have always had a soft spot for Ken, since he stood up for the Irish in the early 80s and took a lot of flak misrepresenting his position on terrorism. When he stopped GLC advertising in the Evening Standard for its publishing a racist anti-Irish cartoon, I could have cheered. At least someone in the British establishment was on our side and was prepared to stand up the bullying press. If I lived in London, I would vote for him for that reason alone.

  3. Well I have just discovered that Ken gives full endorsement to ID Cards. If we had had ID Cards in the 1980s it would have been the Irish who would have been the main victims of them. Looks like it will have to be Boris after all. It's sad to see a former lefty perverting himself in this way.

  4. Stephen: I would be surprised if Ken supported ID cards - I would imagine he was ambivalent. Where did you find out that info?

  5. Red&White: Thatcher's 'right hand man' - Bernard Ingham was a former communist - what does that prove?

    How can Unite Against Fascism be fascist?

    Ken has no powers over immigration so what difference does his views matter on this?

  6. UAF are "fascist" in the informal sense of the usage of that word because they seek to shut down lawful freedom of expression. See here.

    On topic, I won't be voting for Livingstone or Johnson come May. I find both deeply unpleasant, albeit for different reasons.

  7. I would disagree with UAF's actions on this occasion. I think they should have demonstrated peacefully. Overall however it is essential that organisations like the UAF exist to counter the lies of the BNP and others on the far right. However disagreeable UAF's tactics on this occasion it pales into insignificance to the every day shady thuggish goings on inside the BNP.

  8. Hang on, Neil, this post doesn't include your phone number or any details about whether you've been to a sexual advice clinic recently.

    Are you just a hypocrite?

  9. Headline should read "Labour desperately need Livingstone re-elected". Personally I would prefer if the nasty little shit took himself (and Jasper) off the end of your pier.