08 November 2007

Is This Our Right-Wing Utopia?


  1. Probably the best interview Moore has ever given. I don't agree with all he says but he does a vital job simply by terrorising us on the right. Nobody should be allowed to get complacent.

    It also reminds us that for all its faults, the NHS is something we should be proud of.

  2. R&W, you know what also gets me is the $15m spent on advertising. There are literally hundreds of these proposals at every state election (I saw the one in California when I was over there, and the ballot presentation was like a book). They must spend billions every year on political adverts - sort of makes you glad for the free tv party ads over here doesn't it?

    I also notice big business can always outspend their rivals by a significant margin. Thats what you get when they have a $2trillion industry generating billions in profit. It is a licence to print money. You have to despair - because I don't see how anyone can call this a democracy anymore. 85% of Americans want universal tax funded healthcare but there is just no profit in offering them this option and because profit controls the media and buys the politicians, they are never going to get the choice. Now you have the Tories boasting they can outspend Labour ten to one in the marginals (largely thanks to supporters who live abroad and pay no British tax) - it just makes a mockery of democracy. I wonder how many billions of pounds of advertising the overwhelming right-wing press is worth to the Tories? It's a sort of democracy we have here - but really it is a pretty poor democracy. Still it will all be Labour's fault if the Tories get into power again. Labour have the chance to offer us real democracy (at least electorally) by giving us the referendum they promised. I won't be holding my breath.