19 November 2007

Bulgaria's Abandoned Children.

To anyone who saw the documentary last night on BBC2, I am sure you will all want to sign this petition, to anyone who didn't see it, take my words it was a horrific experience to see children so neglected. It was utterly disorientating to see how indifferent the staff and government could be to the children's awful plight. I am going to sign. On the evidence of what I saw last night, not since the holocaust has their been a more worthy cause.

I cannot understand why the EU was so careful to stipulate real improvement in the institutions in Romania before they were allowed to be members this year, why not the same conditions for Bulgaria? If anyone knows the answer, let me know. One of the great uses of the EU, is to put pressure on national governments to improve things like this, lets hope the EU wakes up to this one.

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