03 October 2007

Tory anger at early election AND anger at no early election.

Make your minds up! Boris says 'stop dithering', Dave says 'bring it on'. Then Rifkind says it is a 'constitutional outrage' and Ken 'ciggie' Clarke says it is 'not in the country's interest'.

If you are going to score political points, at least make them a bit consistent!

What they of course mean by 'not in the national interest' and 'an outrage' is 'not in the Tory interest' and 'we are going to lose, boo hoo!'.

put these gits out of their misery, I think it is in the country's interest to stop their whining.


  1. Neil, you are slipping back into your terrible habit of misquoting.

    Ken Clarke didn't offer an opinion on whether an early election would be in the interests of the country or not.

    His words were, if The Goblin King calls an early election it would "not be because it is in the national interest" but, by implication, for other reasons, i.e. because Labour will probably win.

  2. Mark: Seems like the samething to me.

  3. Could the latest opinion polls have something to do with the change of Tory hearts?

    I'll be voting for Cameron this time around, not because I rate him that much but because I see nothing better on offer.

    If only your talk of PR (would YOU support it?) came to reality I could bring myself to vote for - or even stand for - a smaller party.

    BTW Mr Harding, who is your favourite ever Labor MP? Mr Benn or someone else?

  4. red&white: It is ok for you from the safety of abroad, voting to inflict a Tory government on us that you will not have to endure yourself, but for people living here it is better to have public services that are not going to be cut.

    I am not a fan of Tony Benn - I think he is wrong on most things. Ken Livingstone is my favourite but he only had a short time as an MP. I also liked Harold Wilson and Tony Blair as leaders. Of current MPs my favourite is John Denham - a big supporter of PR. I have always supported PR and even got my local constituency party to pass a motion in favour of it. I will keep campaigning for it within the Labour party and I think it would be a big boost for Labour support, especially the left of Labour.

  5. Neil,

    John Denham is my local MP (I still have a home in the UK). I wrote to him objecting to Thaksin Shiniwat's presence and in fairness, he did send me a prompt reply, albeit a generic one that he did not mention in the house as far as I know.