29 October 2007

Cameron To Cut Number of Pensioners.

David Cameron has today moved the Tories back onto their familiar core territory with a pledge to cut the number of pensioners in the country.

He said 'while there is nothing wrong with pensioners per se. - we do need to cut the net increase'. He said 'it is recognised they are by far the biggest drain on housing, energy, the NHS and other core public services'.

Cameron is proposing a cull of numbers to the dismay of Labour, which has called the cull 'unethical'.

Praise for Thatcher

Cameron said Labour criticism was nonsense and that Margeret Thatcher showed the way in the 80s by 'cutting pensions, the NHS and other benefits for the old and increasing VAT, leading to a cull of thousands who died of hypothermia and ill health'.

Cameron - same old Tory right wing bollocks

...Well the above argument makes more sense than Cameron's attack on immigration. Considering most immigrants are younger, working harder and better qualified than those who were born here, it seems strange to blame them for putting a strain on our country when they are making up a majority of new skilled workers building houses and infrastructure and improving the NHS.


  1. Tee hee, you forgot the bit about Tories increasing VAT on domestic fuel, re hypothermia.

  2. Actually Neil you sound rather the Tory yourself by extolling foreign workers for working harder and being better qualified than those who were born here. Perhaps if we horsewhipped our population they might like to work for sub minimum wage as well? But how many of our foreign workers are actually immigrants. I suspect that a very large proportion of them are here to make some money and then will return home. Some will stay of course because they put down roots. I worked for some time in the US but I had no intention of staying in California permanently.

    Personally I've never had a problem with immigration as I think the free movement of peoples is the ultimate liberty and the liberty that governments hate most. Immigration control is a phenonenon of the twentieth century and the overweening state. But is it mass immigration that we are seeing here? I doubt it. It is a transient labour force that is going where the money is and has little intention of staying here long term. But I don't see we need to either demonise immigrants or extol them as you do for being more worthy people. As it happens, if these workers are 'better qualified' then that is the responsibility of the Labour party, which has had stewardship over education policy for a generation and has delivered a workforce that is by your own words unqualified to compete with Polish plumbers.

  3. Stephen: It is not a matter of extolling the virtues of immigrants, just stating a fact - they are younger and less of a burden on health etc, they are more skilled and they do work harder. With all the negative propaganda out there, it doesn't hurt to point out this fact.

    I am also not necessarily putting down our own education system (though it does need improving).

    People who have the enterprise to move to look for work tend to be better educated, skilled, younger etc. We are getting the best of another country, just as our emigrants tend to be the best of this.

    As for whether they will stay long term or not, who knows? The waves of immigrants in the 50s and 60s all had plans to return home. How many did?

    I think if we are going to have a discussion about population, we need to realise that immigration is not the problem - it is the demography - we have too many old people. Immigration will actually relieve this problem in the short term.

    A highly unreliable prediction of a 71m UK population by 2030 is still a small increase when compared to the growth in world population in the same period (which is set to increase by a third).