12 September 2007

Socialist Football - England 3 Russia 0

Team sports prove that socialism is best. Tonight the football results for England (and Scotland) show that it is not about having the best individuals on the pitch but having the individuals that form the best team.

Not many would say that Emile Heskey is a better player than Wayne Rooney, but in his understanding and link up play with Michael Owen, he makes it very difficult to include Rooney in the team when he becomes fit.

The last few games have demonstrated how supposedly better individuals Owen Hargreaves, David Beckham, Frank Lampard and Wayne Rooney when replaced with Gareth Barry, Shaun Wright-Phillips and Emile Heskey have produced a better team. It seems the injuries to these 'better' players have been a blessing.

Does Steve McClaren dare change a winning team?

I hope not.


  1. Soialist? Football? What have you been smoking. What happened to the maximum wage?

  2. I was just talking about the co-operation between the team not the wages!

  3. Haha mr Labour scumbag...football as evidence of the wonders of Socialism. Clearly you don't live even remotely close to the real world.

  4. What a load of utter, utter, utter bollocks. Since when did football have anything to do with socialism? It is the worst example of the excesses of the free market - are you suggesting that the players are in some kind of a syndicalist paradise that only exists on the field? Are you, worse still, suggesting that the free market doesn't promote/allow co-operation? If you are you have very obviously shot yourself straight in the foot as usual.

  5. Urko: My only point was that having the best individuals is not enough - co-operation can trump individualism every time. Tories and liberals focus incessently on the individual and how improving the individual is the best strategy to improve society, whereas socialists focus on the whole of society and try to improve co-operation. This post was an aside to demonstrate how team sports can show this as the better strategy. Economies work better when there is more co-operation and less inequality. That is all I was saying.