06 September 2007

Premier League for £9.99 and best of all no Murdoch to pay!

Like Mark Lawson, I have had problems signing up to Setanta Sports.
"Thrilled at the prospect of giving less money to the Australo-American tycoon, I've spent two weeks trying to subscribe to Setanta"....

It took me the same amount of time to get my footy tv heaven set up, but persevere is my advice, don't give up, it is worth it in the end. The prospect of not giving Murdoch a penny and be able to watch premier footy through an aerial is too good a prospect to miss.

My first thoughts on encounterng the dysfunctional website and failing automated processing system was Murdoch skullduggery was at play - but maybe that is a conspiracy theory too far - even for a company that has threatened camera crews and staff away from working for Setanta if they want to ever work for Sky again.

Hopefully with the significant backing that Setanta have managed to get, they can get things right and not have lost too many potential Murdoch refuseniks.

The footy on offer is certainly very good, excellent highlights, commentary and discussion shows, 5 English Premier and 7 Scottish Premier games live each month, 8 live non-league games as well as 10 live games from the French, German, Dutch and Portuguese leagues. Also some World Cricket highlights, Live Golf, Aussie Rugby, ATP Tennis and a sprinkling of US and minor sports - baseball, athletics, NASCAR, UFC, boxing etc.

But if they don't get their subscription process up and running, they won't last very long, as Mark Lawson puts it;
"Whatever you say about Murdoch, he made sure he took your cash".

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