13 August 2007

Richard Dawkins C4 8pm tonight.

Just a reminder to watch the Enemies of Reason tonight and next week.

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  1. David Duff14/8/07 7:18 pm

    Well, I know that Richard Dawkins is an enemy to reason but I must say I'm surprised that you agree with me!

  2. I disagree with Dawkins on quite a few things. For instance in his oppposition to trial by jury, he misses the point that judges can be more prejudiced than the collective wisdom of a 10/12 majority jury (something recently shown in a survey).

    I will also admit that he sometimes underestimates people's intelligence when he criticises their liking for astrology, religion and other spiritual fun - most enjoy these things without taking them seriously. I also think he misses the point on homeopathy - it is a placebo effect that people might not get with just scientific 'positive thinking' alone.

    Saying all that, he is of course, technically absolutely correct in his diagnosis of the irrationality of all these things.

  3. Neil, have you deleted a comment I made on this yesterday?

  4. I haven't deleted any comment. Perhaps Blogger has being playing up? I apologise. What was it you put?