03 July 2007

The Smoking Ban.

Well, two days in and I am fantastically pleased. I have had to wait 20 years for this ban and god knows what damage my lungs have suffered in the meantime - hopefully I haven't got lung cancer already from my liking for a drink in the pub. 18 year olds are so lucky thanks to this Labour government - it never would have happened under the Tories.

In support of this ban, I have made it my duty to go to the pub every day this week. Had a great Sunday Roast and was in the pub all night yesterday. It was so great to leave without smelling like an ash tray and having to wash my clothes - also my passive smokers cough has cleared up, coincidence?

The ban seems to be self enforcing nicely, most smokers are obeying. Just a couple of minor quibbles. In the George on Trafalgar St, smokers are right outside the entrances and it seems to get sucked into the pub a bit - but I am not going to complain about this. A smoker lit up last night in the Montpelier Inn but it seemed to be a genuine error - he simply had forget and soon put his cig out. Apart from that things are going great. I can finally go to the pub without having to suffer. Looking forward to going to the quiz at the Crescent tonight and also the humanist meeting at the Farm Tavern - both great pubs but always so smoky it put me off going - now I can hopefully relax.


  1. Have you seen this

  2. Good site anon, thanks for that, will have to add a link.

    I had no doubt that Paul Staines aka Guido is a Tory, he pretends not to be of course - wouldn't be good for the image - I just hope he doesn't fool too many people. Ian Dale tries the same trick pretending to be moderate while pushing a right-wing agenda. By the way the latest additions to Cameron's team have taken a right fisking over at the ministry of truth - it seems if the Tories are not racist they are sexist or homophobic or all three (if only the MSM would point this out).

  3. I don't think that Paul Staines fools anyone - that he is a Tory shines through every word. I'm just going to see if that wonderful Newsnight interview he did- the one which was a total train crash and proved he's not as clever as he thinks he is- is on You Tube. Cheer myself up!