20 July 2007

Green Party in Turmoil.

Local Green, Keith Taylor, is not happy about his local party selecting Green MEP Caroline Lucas as their candidate...

He says;
"I believed I was the better candidate but the party members didn't. Obviously that is very upsetting. I thought I would have been a better and safer bet as Caroline is not standing if the general election is held in 2009".

This is a disaster for the Greens. Keith Taylor is their local candidate but he was always intensively disliked because he drove big polluting cars.

Keith however is a bitter man and is bound to withdraw his troops from supporting Caroline.

In contrast, the Labour Party candidate Nancy Platts managed to unite the whole Labour Party membership behind her - it should be an interesting campaign - but one in which the people of Brighton Pavilion will come to realise needs a Labour MP who is committed to the area, not a Green who will pull out if (pardon the pun) the grass is greener in Brussels.


  1. How will that work if she pulls out of the race ? Will they select again and surely that would cause major problems re a campaign.

  2. I know it is wierd isn't it? The Greens don't like making decisions on anything.

  3. But if it coincides with 2009 then do they the reselect ? What message does that send to the electorate?

    How would they explain away then picking Taylor say, when they did not the first time.

    Mind you Queens Park ward did the say with Bodfish when the chosen candidate stood down, look what happened to him.

    But this is supposed to be their key seat and they have a candidate who may withdraw.

  4. Caroline isn't going to pull out for Brussels, she's giving her Brussels seat up. She's running for Parliament in a winnable seat.

    I just don't think there is a massive distinction between Caroline and Keith supporters in the way you might be suggesting here. Keith wont be able to pull out his 'troops' from supporting this very popular candidate's attempt to become the first Green MP.

    What I hope will happen is that Keith becomes the lead Euro candidate, but we'll see, that's upto him I guess.

  5. If you read Keith's comments in the Argus, he sounds very bitter indeed.

    And Caroline is going to pull out if the election coincides with the Euro elections in 2009, she says so herself which Keith points out in his comment above. Seems a strange thing to do.

  6. soundjat keita7/11/07 10:28 am

    The "greens" - more like greys - won't win anything. They're too pie-in-th-sky.