06 June 2007

Current Voting Intentions.

1. Johnson (supports PR and has Unison backing)
2. Cruddas (has the backing of Ken Livingstone)
3. Hain (for his work on equalities issues)
4. Benn (better than Harman/Blears despite idiotic religious belief)
5. Harman (Brown yes woman and lack of principles)
6. Blears (the most right wing candidate and utterly annoying)

LabourHome have a rundown of what others are thinking.

Not sure exactly how the voting system works but if we are allowed to rank all the candidates in order then I advise everyone to do just that, otherwise your vote will be devalued because if say you vote only for Cruddas and he is eliminated then the most right wing candidate (Blears) could win on a lower number of votes despite you favouring someone more left-wing.


  1. Neil, I made a mistake. John Denham is NOT backing Cruddas for DL. I spoke to him today and he clarified that he did support him initially in that if JC failed to get enough nominations then he would put his name down... but for now JD is torn on who to support.

  2. Hi Neil. Not that I'll vote, but my running order, based on the Newsnight thing the other week, would be: Hilary, Cruddas, Harriet, Johnson, Hain and, trailing a long way back, the extremely combative Blears. Been busy sniggering at hopeless David Cameron's grammar school farce, as I am sure you have.

  3. I wonder how many UNISON members actually share Prentis' support for AJ...

  4. Sunny, cheers for that, I know how JD feels - I don't kow who to support either - not even sure it matters much - but out of duty I have to vote in elections.

    Still for me - 1st choice Johnson and 2nd Cruddas. I think we only get two preferences on the ballot paper but not sure about that either - does anyone know about this?