02 May 2007

Regency ward Lib Dems are bare faced liars.

The Greens are just 41 votes away from being elected in Regency ward but the local Lib Dems consistently keep saying on their leaflets that 'only the Lib Dems and Labour can win here'. This is unbelievable bare faced lying but unfortunately the Lib Dems have proved time and again that it is effective campaigning.

In Goldsmid the Lib Dems are over 390 votes away from being elected in a seat they definitely cannot win, yet they claim 'The Lib Dems can win here', taking votes off Labour to ensure people unwittingly end up with Tory councillors they never wanted.

If you can't even trust their election leaflets how can we trust these people as councillors? As the previous Lib Dem councillor in Regency proved, Lib Dems soon get bored and become absentee councillors - not surprising for people with no position on anything, no ideas. They cannot make their minds up whether they are left or right so end up propping up right-wing Tories in one area while slagging them off in the next. The Lib Dems are a blank cheque that the electorate should beware signing.


  1. How prophetic. Can't believe how the Tories and Greens have taken the day. And how the lib dems have screwed up Goldsmid too. I am feeling physically sick at the thought of a tory/green council being in charge (sic) until 2011. Hopefully they will have screwed up so right royally by next general election that labour will be back in the race. As i sit here, I make it 13 tories, 10 greens and 2 labour. Sigh.

  2. And Roy, if you are reading this - we love you :)

  3. Really pleased the Lib Dems' lies backfired on them big time. I knew the Greens could do well here. Congratulations to Sven and Hermione - they ran an honest campaign.

    The big shock for me is the Tories picking up a seat each in Moulsecomb and in North Portslade. That is a very bad result for Labour and has handed the Tories the council. Nicole not winning in N.Portslade should finish her chances of becoming an MP.

    Unfortunately despite the poor performance of the Lib Dems going from 3 seats to 2, because the Tories picked up 26 seats, it could be a Tory/Lib Dem coalition.

    The council is

    Tories 26
    Labour 13
    Greens 12
    Lib Dm 2
    Ind 1

    Disappointed for Roy and Dan after all the effort they put in.

    The Lib Dems must have delivered more leaflets to my house alone than all the votes they recieved.

    Regency result

    Sven Rufus (Green) 863
    Hermione Roy (Green) 781
    Roy Pennington (Lab) 565
    Michael McFarlane (Con) 525
    Robert Nemeth (Con) 516
    Sue Bucknall (Lib) 454
    Dan Yates (Lab) 447
    Kevin Donnelly (Lib) 425
    Corinne Attwood (B+H Ind) 218
    Tony Davenport (B+H Ind) 57

  4. The Tory seat in Moulsecoomb is certainly down to the school admissions issue, and possibly the same in Portslade. Locals felt betrayed by one of their representatives, who happened to be standing down. At the end of the day you have to stand up for your constituents. If Kevin and Juliet hadn't done that in Preston Park there would have been two more Green winners.

  5. Totally agree - aside from the national trend, the local schools issue was a biggy. How they thought they could get away with it I don't know. News: may 15th schools adjudicator is holding meeting a city college to hear all the objections. Whilst the tories did a flip flop in their support and then (too late) their rejection of plans, they may yet have to sort it all out. Serves them right and hooray for the likes of Kevin and Juliet.