16 May 2007

Give it up, Simon.

Simon Burgess has been whinging in the Argus that losing his seat was not his fault. It was 'Tony Blair', 'The Labour Government' (if that is the case how did East Brighton and Preston Park manage to increase their Labour vote share? Also nice to see loyalty to the party, Simon!), in fact he blames anybody but himself for losing his own safish seat to the Greens (he did the worst out of the Queens Park Labour candidates).

Simon was the leader of an unpopular Labour led council that rode arrogantly over committees if Labour councillors dared to listen to their electors rather than the leadership, that offered pathetic loyalty cards instead of policies that would win it support, embarked on a parking zone merger that will cost money AND increase congestion, spent £3m a year on advisors that talk about doing stuff rather than actually doing it. All this money could have provided free bus travel for under 16s (it is equivalent to one hundred 30k salaries).

On the housing transfer issue that was such a disaster - Simon says 'the Labour government and the tenants were pulling in different directions'. Yeah but you still thought trying to bribe and threaten tenants into the transfer was an ok thing to do. It was you who made that decision - don't try to delegate responsibility for it.

This Burgess whinge in the Argus is just a self-interested attempt to salvage his run for the Kemptown nomination. Do we really need a candidate like this?


  1. You'll be pleased to know that Burgess was selected as Labour's candidate in Brighton Kemptown.

    The local boy was selected despite his sixth place in the last local elections and his achievement of costing Labour the council.

    This despite being up against a brilliant candidate in Stephen Alambritis who gave a rip-roaring speech and who was the only one of the candidates there to have increased Labour's share of the vote the last time they faced the voters.

    Simon then topped it off by saying he was not confident of winning the election. The local Labour party seem desperate to give this seat to the Tories!

  2. kabri, you are absolutely right - it is a disaster. The Tories will now win in Kemptown, of that I am sure.